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Background: GTM Models is a London-based agency for Editorial, Runway and Commercial Models who want to launch and develop solid, long-term modelling careers. We are passionate about Models and Fashion.  We believe in developing Models rapidly and providing them with a balanced view of what they can expect from the modelling industry.  We aim to provide our Models with professional representation and offer our clients excellent customer care with every assignment that they entrust to us.

Philosophy: We believe that London Models should reflect Londoners: diversity.  As a result of this, part of our core philosophy is to respect individuality.  We don't like clones and get bored quite easily, so we respect and nurture diversity.  We select Models based on the strength of their look and the fact that they are "different", but we want Models to develop a strong business acumen as well.  We love beauty and brains!  We believe that if a Model understands herself as a brand, she can be the best Ambassador to sell a brand and that's great for our Clients!

Business: At GTM Models, we understand the importance of time and the fast paced nature of the fashion, hair and beauty industries, so we strive to always match the most suitable Models to our Clients assignments. We do our best not to waste our Clients time by sending them Models that won't fit their brand.  We take our time to study our Clients and their campaigns and only send them Models who we genuinely feel our Clients can work with and we strive to produce the best results!

Definition: Genesis; Greek: γένεσις meaning "origin"; Hebrew: בְּרֵאשִׁית‎, Bərēšīṯ meaning "in [the] beginning".  Why Genesis?  Because we believe every success story starts somewhere.  Every success story has a beginning and origin!  We strive to develop our Models to become these success stories! 


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